Welcome to the home page of the Gustaf Packalén Memorial Foundation.

About the foundation

The Foundation was founded in 1956, based on a legacy from Gustaf Packalén, a Finnish businessman in the paper and wood products industry who lived in Denmark for nearly 40 years.

The immediate context of the Foundation was the challenge to Finnish culture posed by the difficult years during the Winter and Continuation Wars and the immediate post war years.

The purpose of the Foundation is supporting Finnish culture, partly through legacies for Åbo Akademi, partly through donations to projects supporting cultural links between Finland and the other Scandinavian countries, particularly Denmark.

The Foundation will consider applications for support for projects that:

  • Increase awareness of Finnish culture and history in Denmark and the other Nordic countries
  • Are professional and well planned
  • Typically will be aimed at a broader audience

There is no application form. Please forward applications in one pdf-file to Gustaf Packaléns Mindefond:: admin@packalen.dk